Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something to Say

Sometimes I can be full of tears and cries of desperation. Yet, other times I am silent, and catatonic. Though my actions scream apathy, that is far from the truth.
Tonight I am at a loss for words, but full of feeling...full of emotions, pain, disgrace and shame. I'm full of confusion. I'm tired of being labeled a victim. When pain comes from injustice, forgiveness can be found in my heart. When pain comes from a sin I have committed, I drown in regret that rises like a flood. And while it may not make sense to others, I yearn for discipline. I want people to stop blaming others and to blame me instead...blame my lack of faith, trust, and hope. I do want them to mourn with me when I mourn, but to not say "poor her." I don't want my faults justified. Somewhere, covered by the lies that the Enemy has fed me and that I have swallowed, there is a yearning to hold on to hope...not hope that I have...but hope that others have shown for me. It is at a time like this season of my life, that I am thankful for the words of others.

Something to Say

I've got something to say
It's been one of those days
When I'm finding it hard to believe in You

I've got something to say
I've forgotten how to pray
And I'm finding it hard to believe the Truth.

I've got something to say
Right now it feels like You are slipping away
Like I am drowning in a crisis of faith
Like I'm alone

I've got something to say
What was black and white is gray
And I'm finding it hard to believe in You

And faith might mean there won't be answers
And hope might mean enduring through the night
But help me not forget in darkness
The things that I believed in light

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hold My Heart

Today I....
drank water.
painted a rock.
And.... that's it.
God, give me purpose.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hurts Like Heaven

It seems as though following God hurts like Heaven... which seems to hurt more than hell.  I think that's because Heaven wants me to change and hell hopes that I never do.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Agony

"I will find the enemy within, because I can feel it crawl beneath my skin. Dear Agony, just let go of me. Suffer slowly. Is this the way it's got to be, dear Agony? Don't bury me, faceless enemy. I'm so sorry. Is this the way it's got to be, dear Agony? Leave me alone. God, let me go. All blue and cold, black sky will burn. Love, pull me down. Hate, lift me up. Just turn around. There's nothing left. I feel nothing anymore."

Where are you, oh my heart?
I thought i knew just where to find you.
I've grown tired of this game of hide and seek,
Only to find it hidden under lock and key.


Where are you, oh emotion?

I thought you were sewn upon my sleeves.
I grow tired of this digging,
Digging to find it's still further buried.


Why does it seem the one who hid it is the only one who can find it?

Is the one who buried it the only one that can unearth it?


Cut through like a knife

Drive through like a stake
Scream out in the rain
Unearth from this grave

Thursday, June 2, 2011

AWAKE, Oh Sleeper....ARISE!

It began long ago, when darkness, through it's deceit captured the hearts of the sons and daughters of light. We looked for light but we found only darkness. We searched for bright skies but walked in gloom. We fumbled like the blind along the wall, feeling our way like people without eyes. We were destined to fall. Even in the brightest days, we stumbled as if it were dark. Among the living we were like the dead. We looked for justice, but it never came. We looked for rescue but it was far from us. So He, Himself stepped in to save us, with his strong arm and justice to sustain him. He put on RIGHTEOUSNESS as armor, SALVATION his helmet. He clothed himself with the robe of VENGEANCE and wrapped himself in a cloak of divine PASSION. He slipped out of his royal garments, left eternity to enter time, divinity to wrap himself in humanity. The sea of glass, for the ocean of separation, he left peace, and for the first time felt pain. Because the very hands that held the stars were now sentenced to wear my scars. It was love that purchased this traitors heart. It's what the prophets spoke about when they envisioned light living in men once again. For this reason, I AM LEGEND, predestined for greatness, built for the final hour. I was born for this, with weapons in hand, armor in place, I now march to the beat of a different drum. I will break through battle lines that have been drawn by discouragement and despair. Where more is left to be said, time has met its end. It's now or never. Collision with me, myself and I. You see, my mission today is clear... to wake the dead. So let freedom's song rage. Do not abandon! You are not alone. Last day warriors ARISE from yesterday's ash and raise your fist with me! We are the army that is charging upon the land. Defeat is no longer and option. It is VICTORY.
We stand. We rise. We give our lives.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thank You for the Trials

Thank You for the trials
For the fire, for the pain
Thank You for the strength
Knowing You have ordained
Every day

Painting #1