Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear X

Dear pain, oh, it's been a long time.
Remember when you were holding me tight?
I would stay awake with you all night.
Dear shame, I was safe in your arms.
You were there when it all fell apart.
I would get so lost in your beautiful lies.
I let you go,
But you're still chasing

Dear hate, I know you're not far.
You would wait at the door of my heart.
I was amazed at the passion in your cries.
Dear anger, you made me so high.
You were faithful to show up on time.
Such a flame that was burning in your eyes.
I let you go,
But you're still chasing

Go ahead,
You're never gonna take me.
You can bend,
But you're never gonna break me.
I was yours...
I'm not yours anymore.
Oh, you don't own me.

Go ahead,
Put a target on my forehead.
You can fire,
But you've got no bullet.
I was yours...
I'm not yours anymore
Oh, you don't own me

You tempted me to look back,
But everything that we had together was a lie.
The masquerade is ending.
There is great strength in vulnerability.

The character, Death, divides black from white...eternal damnation versus everlasting life in Heaven. Specks of chrome surmounted among the black is because Everyman does not see death for what it is, but for what it appears to be- enticing and desirable. What a distorted mindset of hell we have... but that is the intention of the devil, because we are tempted due to the fact that we do not see evil for what it truly is. We see chrome. We hear the gentle urging. We feel welcomed and unafraid as we follow when the devil whispers, "Come with me." We forget that hell is a place of destruction. Fear overwhelms Everyman as Death approaches unwillingly. But, there is security, and peace for those who rely on faith. The messiness of Death is often what brings about confusion. Why rely on darkness when the brightness of Light and Life is clean?
Lo, yonder I see Everyman walking;
Full little he thinketh on my coming;
His mind is on fleshly lust and his treasure,
And great pain it shall cause him to endure
Before the Lord Heaven King.


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